Theseus online

Thanks to the folks at The Bohemyth, you can now read my short story Theseus Enters the Labyrinth online.

Theseus… is one of a gathering set of short fictional pieces rooted in classical Greek myths – Theseus and the Minotaur being one of the most famous. It’s not exactly a new idea – writers have been using Greek myth as source material for pretty much always – so all I can do is offer my take on it. Robert Graves delivered the stories in a traditional way, retaining the sense of the originals, and I didn’t want to do that. My cues come more from writers like Angela Carter, who used folk and fairy tale (particularly the stories of Charles Perrault) as a basis for a kind of reconstruction of elements, a re-framing of things. That’s nearer my intentions here. I’m also influenced by Jorge Luis Borges, whose short metafictions spiral wonderfully around themselves.

Theseus… is an experiment. I hope you like it.

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