2015: Level Up!

Do you make New Year Resolutions? Do you stick to them? Me neither. We’re just over 9% of the way through 2015 already, and I’ve no idea how it happened… so maybe it’s time for a stocktake.

Things to do

All the things.

I want to edit my novella Scissors/Paper/Stone, write more of my short stories based on Greek myth (a sample here at The Bohemyth), and make Nothing’s Oblong available in paperback. Then there’s the secret project I’m working on with another Yorkshire writer, about Yorkshire writers, which will hopefully see daylight this calendar year.

Various projects – including this blog – were put on hold last year after the death of a close friend, and picking up the pieces has taken time. But things are moving again. Win! Probably!

Things done

In the last few weeks I’ve signed two contracts for some short stories for a compilation which will be in print around the end of Q1. I’ll post details as soon as they’re ready. I also had the pleasure and privilege to be interviewed for the Leeds Big Bookend literature festival – a ‘Rock Festival for Words’ no less! – and you can read that here. Thanks to Halima Mayat for the conversation. I skilfully avoided all the cake.

I’m still researching and making notes for another novel, set on the Yorkshire coast in Victorian times. There’re a few things that need to be right before I dive in and just write it, but it’s increasingly approaching that dangerous point… no turning back then! Exciting and scary times! Argh! Yay! &c.

Things that Remain Undecided

Life and stuff.

I’m considering setting up a small press to promote Yorkshire writers. Details are, as yet, no finer than that, but it’s been on my mind long enough to want to put some proper thought in. We’ll see.

Have an excellent February, people of the internet! Books! Buy them! All the books!


For the sake of decoration, if that’s what one might call it, here’s a pic of a recent reading. Thanks to Nigel Ward for the photo. The event is the regular Jackanory spoken word and music session at Mocca Moocho in Wakefield.

reading Nothing's Oblong at Mocca Moocho

reading Nothing’s Oblong at Mocca Moocho

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