The Forgotten and the Fantastical, vol. 2

At last, an update! 😀

My short story ‘Icarus’ will be in print soon (21st March) in the second volume of The Forgotten and the Fantastical from Mother’s Milk Books. You can pre-order direct from the publisher at a modest discount.

TFATF vol.1 is still available too, and includes two of my pieces: The Paper House, and The Boy and the Bird.

Currently, subs are open for volume three, so it looks like MMB are running with this series – stories range from new takes on the old, to old takes on the new, and are cross-genre. What they have in common, I think, is a sensibility for a certain kind of storytelling that foregrounds the act of the telling and the ways in which we latch onto what we read. Volume One was certainly interesting, and I’m looking forward to seeing Volume Two when it’s out (at the time of writing, it’s on the way to press).

I also want to say thank you to Teika for being a tolerant and keen editor. Icarus is a better piece for her input. A good editorial eye is essential in maximising the quality of your writing, I think – perhaps a blog post on the matter is in order.

And yes, I’ve been awful at keeping this page up to date. I’ve been writing, but I’ve also been very busy indeed finishing an MA in Literature, focussing on medieval poetry and Old Norse translation. There will be more to say on all this later 😉

The Forgotten and the Fantastical vol. 2

The Forgotten and the Fantastical vol. 2

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