Nothing’s Oblong on Amazon UK

Nothing’s Oblong on Amazon UK

My debut novel Nothing’s Oblong is out now for Kindle via Amazon. Recently it peaked at #56 in the “psychological mystery” charts, which is a fantastic result given my limited publicity so far!

A labyrinth of half-remembered Parisian streets, a jaded artist obsessed with black oblongs, a troubled would-be writer, a book, a painting… Joseph Kenspeckle’s world of paper and ink is thrown into heaps when he finally lands a deal for his magnum opus. But why does his past haunt him, why does everyone seem to be keeping secrets, and what strange power do Oliver Nothing’s abstract shapes hold? As Joseph feels himself becoming a cog in an unstoppable machine, he struggles to hold on to the one thing that has kept him going all along – but something is looming to send him over the edge…

Nothing’s Oblong is a darkly comic look at obsession, fate, and one man’s fight to make sense of it.


Follow the title link to view and/or purchase it. A sample can be downloaded if you fancy a taster. Enjoy!

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It’s coming…

Here’s the front cover of my forthcoming novel, Nothing’s Oblong, courtesy of Stephen Turner… keep an eye out for a release date.

front cover for Nothing's Oblong by NJ Ramsden

front cover for Nothing’s Oblong by NJ Ramsden

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A quick hint on what I’m working on right now…

Forþi an aunter in erde I attle to schawe,
Þat a selly in siȝt summe memn hit holden,
And an outtrage awenture of Arthurez wonderez,
If ȝe wyl lysten þis laye bot on littel quile,
I schal telle hit as-tit, as I in toun herde,
with tonge,
As hit is stad and stoken,
In stori stif and stronge,
With lel letteres loken,
In londe so hatz ben longe.

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Welcome to NJ Ramsden’s writing pages. Here you will find information about NJ Ramsden, his writing, updates on works in progress, and news of publications, performances, and other events.

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