Nathan is primarily a writer of short-form fiction, a type of piece that has had something of a resurgence in recent years. Influenced by authors such as Donald Barthelme, Angela Carter and Jorge Luis Borges, he seeks to blend traditional story narrative styles with experimentation in order to explore where the familiar and unfamiliar merge.

He is currently working on a short collection of modest folktale-like pieces, with the aim of making adults feel like children again.

Other projects include the Novel Nothing’s Oblong, the novella Scissors/Paper/Stone and the collaborative screenplay Tell Me Lies About Love.

Nathan’s Amazon Writer page can be found here.


Nothing’s Oblong

Literary mystery Nothing’s Oblong is available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon. You can buy it here.

A labyrinth of half-remembered Parisian streets, a jaded artist obsessed with black oblongs, a troubled would-be writer, a book, a painting… Joseph Kenspeckle’s world of paper and ink is thrown into heaps when he finally lands a deal for his magnum opus. But why does his past haunt him, why does everyone seem to be keeping secrets, and what strange power do Oliver Nothing’s abstract shapes hold? As Joseph feels himself becoming a cog in an unstoppable machine, he struggles to hold on to the one thing that has kept him going all along – but something is looming to send him over the edge…

front cover for Nothing's Oblong by NJ Ramsden

front cover for Nothing’s Oblong by N J Ramsden


Seven Wanders and Beyond

The small taster volume Seven Wanders and Beyond, which was compiled for a group performance at the Ilkley Literature Festival in 2012, is available as a Kindle eBook here.

It contains a selection of short works or extracts by a handful of writers. My own contributions are the short stories Love Story and The Categories of Ernest Bookbinder.

Seven Wanders eBook cover

cover of Seven Wanders


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